Camp Blanket

The Woollen Blend Camp Blanket takes an interesting journey around the world before it reaches its destination at your campsite.

The wool in the blankets is originally sourced in Australia from garments donated by individuals to charities all over the country.  The garments are carefully sorted here in Australia to meet a minimum wool content of 80%, then exported to Malaysia.  At this point, the garments are pulled apart so that they can't be used as second hand clothing.  It is only now, being essentially rags, that they meet the import standards to India as recycled materials.  These fabric scraps then journey across the South China Sea to India to be processed.  Once the buttons, zips and embellishments are removed, the rags are pulled and shredded back into woollen fibres.  This yarn is then able to be recycled back into blankets and shipped back to us in Australia.

These blankets are not only warm, but because of their high wool content and tight weave, they are naturally water resistant and fire retardant.  They are the size of a single bed.

Colour availability will vary.


These blankets are made from recycled wool, the colours available depend on the wool items being sent for recycling at production time.  Therefore we do not know until each shipment arrives in the warehouse what colour they will be.  We have NO control over the colours available.  

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